Kerbal Space Program video teases third birthday, Kerbal Kon celebration

As Kerbal Space Program turns three years old and prepares for a big livestream event on Thursday, those disposable green astronauts have released a short video to celebrate the occasion. Kerbal Kon will begin on December 12 on Twitch .

Squad, the developer behind the indie space exploration simulator, has released similar videos before to mark the release of previous updates and Dia De Los Meurtos . Squad employs developers from all over the world, but the entire team has gathered in Mexico City for Thursday's livestream and celebration. The event will show off the first footage of update .23 as well as an unspecified, but much hinted-at , big announcement.

PC Gamer will be joining Squad in Mexico City for the event, so we'll be bringing you news about the game and interviews with the developers in the coming days.