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Kena: Bridge of Spirits delayed by a month

Kena Bridge of Spirits
(Image credit: Ember Labs)

Kena: Bridge of Spirits, a lush action-adventure game starring a staff-wielding spirit guide, has been delayed a second time. Originally scheduled to release in 2020 but delayed due to the pandemic, the game has once again shifted from August 28 to September 21.

"We have made the difficult decision to delay the release of Kena until September 21st to polish the game across all platforms," studio The Ember Lab tweeted. "The team has been working extremely hard and we feel the extra time is critical to ensure the best experience possible.

"We know many of you are eager to play and we appreciate your patience as the team continues to work on delivering the best version of Kena."

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It sounds like Kena will be worth the wait: Lauren played it back in June and enjoyed the mix of third-person combat, platforming and puzzling. "Ember Lab seems to have known exactly what it wanted Kena to be, and exactly what I wanted it to be as well: a compact, confident action adventure in a world that belongs on a theater screen," she wrote.

When Kena: Bridge of Spirits releases it'll be an Epic Games Store exclusive. It's also a PS5 console exclusive. 

Shaun Prescott
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