Kane & Lynch 2 demo released

The Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Demo is out now. It includes a 20 minute story skit and a taster of the Fragile Alliance multiplayer mode, where you co-operate to pull off a heist, then decide between working together to escape or betraying your friends for profit.

Sunglasses at night? Some folk have no class.

Dog Days is the sequel to Eidos' lukewarm 2007 pyscho-em-up Kane & Lynch, to which 47 out of 10 people said they preferred that other Eidos game with a bald killer in. Not to be deterred, they've tried to make the sequel better, including the welcome removal of Games for Windows Live. The game's out on the 20th of August - grab the demo on Steam now, and let us know if it's convinced you.

Edward Fenning


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