Just Cause 3 has a story apparently, detailed in new trailer

Just Cause 3

Avalanche's latest Just Cause 3 trailer—not the launch trailer, you're making that, remember—is all about the game's story, which everyone is totally interested in because uhhhh. Judging by the following video, the voice acting has improved a bit, making me worry that the campy fun of "BOLO SANTOSI" might be lost. Fingers crossed that it hasn't. Also, and more importantly, Rico Ridriguez now has a completely different face. What's that about?

Weird. By the way, Just Cause 3 has gone gold, which means that the game is finished, and will be wending its way to our PCs in a few weeks' time. December, to be precise. December 1, to be more precise. Sam got his hands on the game back in June, and seemed pretty impressed.

Tom Sykes

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