Just Cause 3 dev diary teases procedural bridge crumbling

Just Cause 3

You're always going to get a good explosion out of a Just Cause 3 video, and this one comes with bonus clips of bridges crumbling in satisfying ways. The engine now uses upgraded Havok tech to process destruction procedurally instead of performing mesh swaps and hiding the moment a 'bridge' model swaps with a 'damaged bridge' model with a cloud of dust.

The modern memory availability "allows for things you couldn't do in the last generation". Is one of those things the ability to level a power plant with a handheld mortar as Rico does at 1:05? Speaking of memory, leaked system requirements suggest that Just Cause 3 will demand at least 6GB of it in your PC. That's a lot of bridge calculations. The game is out on December 1.

Tom Senior

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