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As you might've already noticed, we launched the PC Gamer Club earlier this year. But if you didn't, let us tell that signing up gets you a digital subscription to PC Gamer magazine, ad-free-browsing on this very site, and monthly game keys—the latest of which, as the headline above suggests, is Nerdook Productions and Digerati Distribution's Reverse Crawl. 

Offering an interesting twist on the dungeon-crawling formula, this turn-based RPG lets you set minions on the game's heroes, and features a branching storyline with a dynamic campaign, giving you a bunch of ways to play. At the time of writing, Reverse Crawl boasts a 91 percent positive review rating on Steam, and we hope you enjoy it. This offers comes courtesy of retailer

More information on the PC Gamer Club itself can be located via our Club FAQ, while sign-up forms can be found in this direction. Existing Club members will of course receive Reverse Crawl at no extra cost. 

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