Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2 release dates announced

Fun fact: While Hello Games' arcade platform racer is spelt Joe Danger, it's pronounced "J-J-J-JOOOOOOEEE DAAAAAANGEERR". It can get pretty unwieldy when you're discussing the impending and simultaneous release of it and its sequel, Joe Danger 2: The Movie. Fortunately, we can just do it with simple, easy text: Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2 will be released on Steam on June 24th.

It's an unusual situation for both games to be competing with each other, but they do offer pretty distinct campaigns. Joe Danger 1 was simpler, with one vehicle and a heavy focus on score-attack trick mastery; Joe Danger 2 offered greater variety in vehicles, environments and styles, albeit arguably at the expense of some of that arcade purity.

As revealed when the ports were announced , both games will release with Steam Workshop and Big Picture support. In addition: Surprises! We don't know what those are yet. That's why they're surprises.

Trailers below:

Phil Savage

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