Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2 coming to PC with new levels, ghosts, graphics, Steam Workshop

Fans of bears on unicycles rejoice, Joe Danger and friends are finally getting a chance to race on PC this year. Cheerful stunt racer, Joe Danger and its sequel, Joe Danger 2: The Movie, will arrive on Steam with extra levels, higher resolutions and Steam Workshop support that will let players share levels assembled in the track editor, and share ghosts of their fastest runs, inducing a bitter in-office rivalry that will surely consume us all.

JD and JD2 have been around for ages on Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network, but “actually, PC is Joe Danger's spiritual home,” Hello Games founder Sean Murray says in the announcement piece. “I coded my first ever PC engine when we started making the original Joe Danger back in 2009, because we couldn't get hold of console devkits. So it's incredibly exciting to be finally able to release it.”

We know. Graham played that very PC build way back when, and ever since we've been watching Joe Danger's XBLA and PSN incarnations with envy. The good news is that the PC version will support higher resolutions and Steam's Big Picture mode for some multiplayer couch competition. Keyboard and mouse controls have been added in addition to JD's typical game-pad set-up, as you'd expect. Check out the trailer and screenshots below for a colourful introduction to what Joe Danger is all about, and find out more on the Hello Games site .

Tom Senior

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