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Jasper Byrne's NEW GAME+ footage appears, includes semi-nude barbarian with a giant club

NEW GAME+ wasn't dead , it was only resting its pulse, and now the first footage of Lone Survivor developer Jasper Byrne's Zelda/Demon's Souls-inspired action RPG has emerged from the colourless fog, to show off the game's four-player Vs mode. Record by Jasper's brother Nick, and filmed at the London Indies night (hence the shakycam), the video shows three players battling it out as the Knight, Ranger and Barbarian classes. As with Demon's Souls, there's a hell of a lot of rolling involved, in a game that's come a long way since it was legally declared dead back in November.

Some of the things not shown in this video include the demo's four-player co-op mode, or the more exploration-focused single-player campaign. Still, this is only our first glimpse of NEW GAME+ in action, and what is on display suggests a game with robust combat, distinct character classes, and - best of all - shrub deformation. I can't wait.