Lone Survivor developer Jasper Byrne's 'NEW GAME +' is no more

Well, this sucks. Jasper Byrne, developer of accomplished sidescrolling horror Lone Survivor , has announced that NEW GAME + , the untitled RPG that was going to be his next project, has been axed . Byrne broke the news on his blog, giving the reason that it was "too big for a single person to make".

"I have decided to abandon the project," Byrne announced in the post. "It's been a very tough decision to make, quite heartbreaking really, but it IS the right thing to do. It was too big for a single person to make. This is the root of the problem. It wasn't that I fell out of love with the idea, just that I can't physically do it."

Fair enough. The post came with a bit of good news, at least, even if it isn't particularly relevant to us lot: Lone Survivor is coming to PS3. (That's the one with Nathan 'Sly' Clank as a mascot, I believe.) He also offered us a tantalising glimpse of what the Dark Souls-inspired RPG might have been, with a bundle of development images showing naked club-wielding men. Farewell, NEW GAME +, we hardly knew ye.

Tom Sykes

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