It looks like a new Serious Sam game is coming later this month

A new Serious Sam game appears to be on the way, and it could arrive sooner than you expect. An out-of-nowhere tweet from publisher Devolver Digital last night suggested that the game will be announced next week, and released later in January.

"Man, it's cold," our titular hero says in the brief clip up above. "But nothing warms me up like kicking ass!"

(Yes, that's the sort of serious dialog you get from these games.)

Devolver and Serious Sam developer Croteam have actually been teasing this for a few weeks, as it turns out. The video above was posted on YouTube on December 10, and tweeted through the official Serious Sam account the same day. But it wasn't until yesterday that Devolver really put a finger on it, tweeting the clip yet again, this time with the message, "What if a new Serious Sam game was being announced next week and released this month?"

The Serious Sam account retweeted that one with the added text, "Ice. Cold."

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It's not at all surprising that a new Serious Sam game is in the works: Devolver said when it acquired Croteam in 2020 that "more Serious Sam games" were planned for the future. That a new one might drop within the next three weeks is very unexpected, though, given the nearly complete lack of buildup.

I've been a Serious Sam fan for a long time, but the most recent game in the series, Serious Sam 4, didn't work for me as well as I’d hoped. Many of its levels are just huge, open arenas, large parts of which are completely devoid of monsters, and the expanded cast and narrative is awkward and out of place. It's still a blast when the action gets rolling, though, and if Croteam is ready to put another addition to the series out there, I will eagerly take a shot at it.

Andy Chalk

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