Io Interactive confirms second season for Hitman

Hitman developer Io Interactive said in August that the game, which recently wrapped up its first six-episode season with a trip to Japan, could get two more seasons if all went well. And apparently it's gone well enough, because production director Hakan Abrak confirmed in a recent interview with Gamergen that a second season is on the way. 

The site is French and the Google translation is a bit bumpy, but the important part is clear enough. "Yes, there is a second season," Abrak said. The studio's goal is to "create a high-fidelity sandbox," he continued, where players can roam freely, interact with the AI, and come up with creative ways to achieve their goals. 

The second season will introduce new cities, but some locations from the first season could be brought back as well, although not necessarily as they were: Abrak mentioned a trip to central Paris during the holidays as one possible variation on a season one location. Naturally, there will be new Elusive Targets as well. 

Also interesting is that, "For the first time in the history of Hitman, we do not kill everyone [at the end]," he said. "Normally everyone dies except Diana, but not this time. So a base is built, a Hitman in which [we] created deep characters that we will develop for future seasons as well. A bit like a TV series, we can draw a parallel which depends on characters we have followed since and during the previous seasons. Some will come to their end, and we will follow other for a long time." 

Hitman: The Complete First Season, a disc-based release of the game that includes all six episodes plus three bonus missions, the soundtrack, and other content, is set to come out in January.

Andy Chalk

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