Hitman season finale has PC-specific support, new trailer

Hitman's sixth and final episode lands today, drawing Agent 47's latest transglobal journey to an end for the time being. Named 'Situs Inversus', season one's ultimate mission sends the hairless hired gun to Hokkaido, Japan and is "the culmination of everything players will have learnt in terms of both gameplay and story," so says publisher Square Enix. It also packs some PC-specific features, such as DirectX 12 support. 

Besides a new story mission and a host of challenges and gear, episode six remedies a number of bugs and also supports multi GPU and "exclusive fullscreen," according to this Steam Community update post. As it's disabled by default, multi GPU is enabled via the Hitman Launcher. It's worth bearing the following in mind before doing so.

  • Currently only dual GPU configurations are supported. 
  • Expect highest scaling in 1440p/2160p. 
  • Steam overlay is automatically disabled when using Multi GPU due to an incompatibility
  • If you experience instability, especially when toggling windowed and fullscreen mode, then disable services that provide in-game capture, such as Raptr, plays.tv, etc. 

Notes specific to AMD and Nvidia cards can also be found via the link above. 

Set within the grounds of the "hyper-exclusive" GAMA private hospital and resort, episode six looks a little like this:

“It was a brave decision to go fully digital episodic with Hitman, fundamentally changing how we make the game, and for us it has been a major success,” says IO Interactive's studio head Hannes Seifert. “I want to say a big thank you to all the players for making this possible! Together we've built and run the biggest and most replayable locations of any Hitman game and added new live content every single week since launch. And although we’re now completing season one, this is only the beginning for our ever expanding World of Assassination.”

Hitman Episode 6: Hokkaido is out now. While this marks the end of the first season, Phil reckons Hitman is best served in distinct courses.