Intel's 1TB NVMe solid state drive hits a new low at $101

Figuring out the best SSD for gaming can change by the moment. Prices keep dropping, paving the way for new bargains. Today, for example, you can march over to Newegg and grab a 1TB Intel 660p NVMe SSD for only $101.99.

It's on sale for $109.99, but entering promo code NEFPBL24 at checkout brings it closer to a Benjamin. That makes it cheaper than one of our favorite SSDs of the same capacity, Crucial's MX500, which is a SATA-based SSD.

1TB Intel 660P Solid State Drive | NVMe | $101.99 (save $93)NEFPBL24Buy at Newegg

1TB Intel 660P Solid State Drive | NVMe | $101.99 (save $93)
This drive is rated to deliver reads and writes of up to 1,800MB/s. It's an NVMe drive, which also means there are no power or SATA cables to fuss with. Use promo code NEFPBL24 for the full discount. Buy at Newegg

If there's a downside, it's that QLC NAND as featured on Intel's drive is somewhat new. It's also slower than the fastest NVMe SSDs, but is still rated to deliver up to 1,800MB/s of sequential read and write performance. That's around three times faster than the best performing SATA-based SSDs.

The endurance rating on this drive is 200 TBW (terabytes written). For comparison, Crucial's MX500 has a 360 TBW endurance rating for the 1TB model (180 TBW for 500GB and 100 TBW for 250GB). Intel backs its drive with a 5-year warranty.

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