Intel Arc A-Series desktop GPUs to retail for less than $399, according to leak

Intel GPU concept
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According to a leaked document making the rounds online, the flagship GPU of Intel Arc A-Series GPUs, the Arc A770, won't cost more than $399. This confirms our suspicions that Intel's upcoming slate of GPUs will be pretty competitively priced when they release later this year.  

A leaked document from Intel's Taiwanese partners (thanks, WCCFtech) lists the entire Arc A-Series lineup with pricing range, where it fits against competing cards, and the performance category. Interestingly, almost all the Intel GPUs listed slightly undercut the MSRPs on comparable Nvidia and AMD's graphics cards in every turn. 

It starts with the entry-level cards, the A310 and A380, sitting at the cheapest at $100-$150, with estimated performance similar to GTX 1050 Ti and GTX 1650 equivalents. The A580 is in the $250 price range, which makes it comparable to the RTX 3050. And finally, in the 'Performance +' category, the A770 and A750 are both under the $400 price point, matching them up with the RTX 3060/Ti . 

The pricing from the leak does line up with some previous reporting showing the Arc A750 may be selling for around $329, the same price as the RTX 3060. So, it makes sense that the A770, an RTX 3060 Ti and Radeon 6650XT rival, is slightly more expensive.

It's interesting to see on that same slide that the Arc A-Series has no answer in the RTX 3070 or above category, which we can only assume would be whatever Intel has planned for Arc Battlemage or Celestial-Series GPUs; we are still waiting to get more information on. 

After a couple of delays earlier this year, we should expect to start finally seeing Intel Arc A-Series GPUs in systems by the end of summer or early fall.  


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