Insomnia: The Ark is a 'dieselpunk' RPG that echoes BioShock and Fallout

Mono Studio's Insomnia: The Ark is a story-driven RPG, set within a "colossal space metropolis" that's "brimming with the secrets of a long-gone civilization." As you may already know, it's been in development for several years—but now targets a 2018 launch, with the backing of publisher HeroCraft. 

Filled with both hostile and friendly factions, a wealth of character customisation options, a thriving world packed with sidequests, and, as you'll see below, an ensemble of terrifying Big Daddy-esque baddies, Insomnia: The Ark isn't lacking ambition. 

Hang on, is that dude's helmet made of human skulls? Yikes.

After waking up on retro-futuristic planet Object 6, players find themselves stricken with a rare psychological disease and must set off in search of a cure. En route, you'll craft equipment and items which aid survival—and a flexible perks system helps you sidestep unnecessary grind. 

"Insomnia offers an intricate, non-linear storyline with ‘points of no return’. Navigate a system of thorny relations with characters and factions and make tough decisions that affect the game world," explains the game's Steam page blurb. "Each major problem can be solved using a variety of different (and sometimes unexpected) solutions.

"Experience the game’s rich lore through retro-futuristic noir visuals with elements of dieselpunk. Witness man-made apocalyptic landscapes imbued with a dark noir jazz soundtrack and echoes of a decaying civilization."

No hard launch date as yet, but Insomnia: The Ark is due at some stage in 2018.