Infamous FMV game Night Trap is getting remastered because of course it is

A fictional character in a Don Delillo novel once fictionally said, “Nostalgia is a product of dissatisfaction and rage. ”

Anyway, you’ll be able to buy Night Trap again soon. A 25th Anniversary Edition is due this spring on PS4 and Xbox One. The official website and trailer don’t mention anything about a PC release, but Screaming Villains, the development studio behind the re-release, say it’s nearly a sure thing:

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For those who don’t know, Night Trap is an FMV game released way back in 1992 where a bunch of young women get targeted by creepo vampire men who have a thing for big hair and belly shirts. 

Night Trap was also the subject of major controversy at the time, positioned alongside Doom, Mortal Kombat, and Lethal Enforcers in congressional hearings over depictions of violence in videogames. I don’t think much came of it.

You, the hero, watch these women from hidden cameras to activate traps that prevent them from being harmed. So you can watch them more. Through hidden surveillance cameras? I don’t know. Here’s the trailer: 

A commercial hit through its single print run, Night Trap was still critically divisiveEdge said of its 3DO port, "Early adopters of the 3DO system will no doubt state loudly that this a great game, but beneath the enthusiastic exterior there will probably lie a very worried and unconvinced individual."

Next Generation was a bit more to the point, insistent really, stating, "Just forget it. Leave it alone. Let it die."

Meanwhile, Sega Force was in love: "Wow! Scantily-clad babes and loads of them, this is my kind of game! Yes folks, Night Trap is the first interactive movie on the Mega-CD and the great news is—it works! Night Trap's a treat to look at and holds your attention as you trap monsters and try to look down the front of the girls' blouses."

Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition is due on consoles this spring, but we’ll keep our head to the ground (please kick it) for more on a PC release. 

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