Indie Royale New Year's Bundle goes live, includes Nuclear Dawn, Fractal and more

Indie Royale New Year's Bundle

The Indie Royale New Year's Bundle was announced coyly earlier this week. You could pre-order it without knowing what the four games included were. The deal has now gone live, lifting the veil on FPS/RTS hybrid, Nuclear Dawn , Max & The Magic Marker , a puzzle platformer in which you can draw objects into existence, lovely musical puzzler, Fractal and mad arcade shooter, Super Crossfire. You can pay what you want above the current asking price of £2.66 for all four games.

Because this is an Indie Royale bundle, the price will change every few seconds depending on the amount of money each buyer puts up for the pack. The handy graph on the Indie Royale front page shows that it's been slowly increasing in price since it went live yesterday, so you might want to snap it up quickly. Here are trailers of the four games, to give you an idea of what they're like before buying. The bundle will close in four days, six hours and counting.

Nuclear Dawn

Max & The Magic Marker


Super Crossfire

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