Indie devs! Showcase your game at E3 2018 in the PC Gaming Show

We launched the PC Gamer Indie channel last year to redouble our focus on the vibrant, valuable, and varied world of indie games. There are more games being made than ever, and while we can't possibly look at them all, we can damn sure try. 

The 2018 PC Gaming Show—our fourth time showcasing PC games at E3, as it happens—is coming up fast, and we want to make sure indie games have a prominent spot on the stage. If you're making a game—announced or unannounced, but it needs to be unreleased at the time of the show—then we want to know about it, whether you're an individual with a great idea or a larger team with big ambitions. 

To submit your game for consideration, fill out this quick form. We can't wait to see what you're working on. All information is confidential. You can also reach us at

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