In Win’s open air D-Frame Mini returns with a new color options

While perhaps not the return of a classic, In Win announced on Twitter that it's bringing back its popular D-Frame Mini, an open-air chassis it launched three years ago. The case is the same now as it was back then, only with additional color options and and a more tantalizing price, at least compared to when it first debuted.

The D-Frame Mini commanded an exorbitant $350 when it first came out. However, it didn't take long for the price to plummet ~43 percent to $199, making it a much more attractive buy. That's also the price point In Win is sticking with for its return act.

I've actually spent some hands-on time with the D-Frame Mini and built a system inside of one. It's a nice case overall, though obviously not for everyone in part because of the funky aesthetics—it definitely sticks out among most home decors.

The case is also limited to mini ITX motherboards, so if you're looking to build a full-size ATX or even a micro ATX system, you can't do that here.

Assuming you are looking to build a mini ITX system, the D-Frame Mini offers plenty of elbow room and has some cable routing options to help ensure a clean looking build. It's also sturdy with an aluminum frame, and has a tempered glass side window.

There are no fans with the case and no fan mounts to add your own. If you need active cooling, your only real option is to attach them with zip ties.

You can find the D-Frame Mini on Amazon in red, black, green, orange, white, and blue.

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Paul Lilly

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