In Far: Changing Tides your ramshackle sailboat transforms into a sweet submarine

Far: Lone Sails was a compelling and melancholy adventure where you drove a bizarre, ramshackle vehicle across an apocalyptic wasteland, solving environmental puzzles along the way.

Its follow-up, Far: Changing Tides, swaps your land vehicle for a sailboat, and as the new gameplay trailer shown at Future Games Show demonstrates, that sailboat doesn't just take you across the water but under it, too.

In the trailer you can watch as the boat becomes a submarine, slowly submerging beneath the waves where a whole new undersea world awaits you. You'll have a lot more freedom to leave your ship and explore on your own, too, scavenging for parts and fuel to keep your sailboat-sub churning forward through the waterlogged world.

Lone Sails was a beautiful and memorable experience, and it looks like Changing Tides is shaping up to be one as well. Far: Changing Tides sails our way in 2022.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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