Impending Street Fighter 5 improvements detailed

SFV thumb

Street Fighter 5 is on unsteady footing. It launched with an underwhelming feature set and a host of frustrating server issues, which were so bad as to prompt an apology from Capcom's Yoshinori Ono. Capcom has now set out how it's knocking the game into proper shape.

Regarding connectivity, the line is that "issues should be less frequent as the service stabilizes now that all platforms and regions have launched", which is a relief to hear but may rankle—it suggests that Capcom underestimated the launch rush, a mistake made by every MMO ever. Matchmaking ought to be working again, and for the few players whose Fighter IDs got corrupted following account creation, a hotfix is in the works.

Crashes on start-up have been attributed to that old villain, antivirus software. Capcom recommends adding StreetFighterV.exe to the allowed programs list in whatever antivirus you're using. As to the other crashes, they're being 'looked into'.

Street Fighter 5 guy

PC-specific features are being expanded, to my eternal delight. Bombarded with requests to implement DirectInput support for certain fight sticks and DualShock controllers, Capcom has acquiesced, although XInput remapping tools like X360CE will have to serve in the interim. Key rebinding, inexplicably forgotten, is also coming in a patch.

The in-game language, which currently draws on the operating system's language, will hopefully be changeable via the launcher in future, and to remove some frustration from the set-up process, you'll no longer have to scroll through every available resolution option to find the one you want.

More details are to follow, but this is most certainly a start.