Immortal Redneck, a surprisingly fun FPS about a yahoo on vacation in Egypt, is free right now

Immortal Redneck is really not a great title for a game—in fact, I would argue it's actively bad. The game itself is not, though, and it's also free on GOG for the next few days, which means that if you don't want to take my word for it, you've got absolutely nothing to lose but 7 GB of storage space by trying it out for yourself.

The setup is silly: A local yokel takes a vacation to Egypt, then crashes his dune buggy (which he brought with him, of course) and wakes up mummified, thousands of years in the past, where all sorts of weird things are trying to kill him. 

The action was better than I expected from a game I'd never heard of before today. It's a fast FPS in a roguelite setting, with randomly-generated dungeons (pyramids, actually), nine playable classes with different skill trees, permadeath, boss fights, and a built-in Twitch Quest mode that, for those who stream, enables viewers to vote on what you do next.

It's not the most sophisticated game you're likely to ever play, but I blasted through a couple levels and it was good fun: A straight-up run-and-gun, fight-until-you-die kind of thing, ideal for when you've got a few minutes to kill and are in the mood for something that's more Serious Sam than Solitaire.

The Immortal Redneck giveaway is the final freebie in the GOG sale, which is apparently just called The GOG Sale, that wraps up on September 5. GOG carries plenty of new releases these days but I still prefer it for the older (and some not-so-old) stuff, like FEAR Platinum ($1.50), Deus Ex: Human Revolution ($2.50), Homeworld Remastered ($3), Swat 4 Gold ($5), Painkiller Black ($2), Control Ultimate Edition ($13), and Kane and Lynch 2 Complete Edition ($4—and which, for the record, I liked unironically and I will not apologize for it). There's also a whole section for games under $1, which is always my favorite to poke through (there are some stupidly good deals in there), but hey, you do you.

The GOG Sale runs until 6 pm ET on September 5, which is also when the Immortal Redneck giveaway comes to an end.

Andy Chalk

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