Ice, Death and Fury comes to Magicka 2

Magicka The Other Side of the Coin

Ice, Death and Fury might sound like a description of your standard Magicka round but is in fact the title of Magicka 2's latest piece of DLC, out today and priced at £7/$10—more than Magicka 2 itself, currently.

In addition to new spells to inflict upon your friends, Ice, Death and Fury brings with it four scenarios which I'm told are all-new game modes: Protect the King, Troll Cave, Darkness and Old Wizard. I think we can see some of Darkness in play in that trailer. I won't tell you what tipped me off. There are also three new bosses, including at least one of Christmassy inspirations, along with robe sets and weapons including the Ol’ Trusty Rusty Revolver.

Ian praised Magicka 2 for being leaner than its predecessor. With Ice, Death and Fury it'll likely be less lean, but much more destructive.