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I put a xenomorph in a house with Ripley in The Sims 4 and it turns out they hate each other

(Image credit: Maxis)

I once wrote a Sims 4 diary about two housemates with wildly conflicting personality traits. Then I started thinking about other Sim combinations that might result in entertaining drama and/or comedy, and it struck me: what if Ellen Ripley from the Alien series was sharing a house with a xenomorph?

First I created Ripley, based on a Sigourney Weaver Sim someone uploaded to The Sims 4's public gallery. I decided to go for the Alien 3 version, because the costume was easier to make, and I love Alien 3. Then I downloaded a few mods by Diego Swell, including this excellent xenomorph model, and moved them into a house. Here are some, uh, highlights from their time together.

Xenomorphs are not natural musicians. (Image credit: Maxis)

Oops. (Image credit: Maxis)

Peeing with the seat down. Pure evil. (Image credit: Maxis)

Bonding over yoga. (Image credit: Maxis)

"Here, kitty..." (Image credit: Maxis)

Ripley steps in. (Image credit: Maxis)

Even xenomorphs have to relax sometimes. (Image credit: Maxis)

Ripley is not into EDM. (Image credit: Maxis)

A tense dinner. (Image credit: Maxis)

I wonder what they're arguing about. (Image credit: Maxis)

Best friends forever. (Image credit: Maxis)

A rare moment of peace. (Image credit: Maxis)

Night night. (Image credit: Maxis)

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Andy Kelly

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