Sims 4 diary: The Odd Couple

Meet George and Dave. George is ambitious, obsessively tidy, and good-natured. Dave is lazy, messy, and mean-spirited. Together, they are the Odd Couple.

George and Dave couldn't be more different, but by some quirk of fate, they live together. While George works as a writer, Dave spends his days lazing around, laughing at his own farts, and trolling people on the internet as dirty dishes pile up. I've given them conflicting traits, and as a result, they absolutely despise each other. To add to the turmoil, George is good, and Dave is evil.

George comes back from work, exhausted, and Dave is lying comatose on the couch as usual. George grumpily cleans up the filthy plates and rotting food around his housemate as he snores. Because of his 'tidy' trait, mess and filth gives George negative moodlets, but Dave doesn't care. This is a major source of tension in the house, and the pair are constantly arguing and screaming at each other. It doesn't help that Dave's evil nature means he gets happy moodlets whenever George is upset or angry.

Every night, when George falls asleep, Dave stands at the foot of his bed and loudly plays his guitar. When the racket wakes him up, just hours before he has to go to work, he's drowned in negative moodlets. A few nights later, Dave plays a grand piano. Then, the next evening, a violin. He cackles with glee as a furious George rants and raves about his cruel torture. George's misery is Dave's happiness, and the sleep deprivation is driving him slowly mad.

Dave has gone too far. After another night of bedtime guitar practice, George squares up to his housemate and a fight breaks out. The pair rain blows on each other and their relationship meter plummets so much that they officially become enemies. More fights follow, and Dave almost always wins, leaving George dazed and defeated. But, somehow, they still manage to live together, and a routine develops. Dave sleeps, George works, Dave eats, George cleans up.

One evening, George invites a girl over for dinner. A romantic relationship is blossoming between them. Or, rather, it was until she met Dave. While George and his date sit on the sofa watching a movie, Dave wanders over and starts insulting her and being obnoxious. She storms out, and the two housemates once again get into a fight. Around them, the house falls apart. Dave never helps out, and George is working longer hours after a promotion, so there's never time to fix anything or clean up. This piles yet more negative moodlets on George. He's at the end of his tether.

Piles of trash begin to appear around the house, which Dave enjoys dancing in. The sinks and toilet are broken, spewing dirty water all over the carpets. Piles of abandoned food turn mouldy and stink the place up. George gets visibly more distressed when he returns home from work, and this only makes Dave happier. Their life of arguments, fights, and disharmony rumbles on, until one fateful evening when Dave decides to cook up a batch of grilled cheese sandwiches.

A fire breaks out, and Dave is engulfed. He shrieks and frantically tries to douse the flames, but it's no use. George is in the next room and comes rushing in. He watches in horror as his housemate burns. But then he remembers the late night guitar sessions. The filth. The squalor. The insults. The ruined date. The farting. And he decides to stand back and do nothing. He could put the fire out, but he doesn't. He just watches as his nemesis writhes in the blaze, then falls into a heap.

The fire dissipates and calm returns to the house. The kitchen is a blackened mess, and Dave is lying crumpled on the floor. The Grim Reaper spirits into the room and consumes his soul, leaving a golden urn behind. George places it on the mantelpiece and smiles. "Finally," he thinks to himself, probably. "Some peace and quiet." He fixes the kitchen up, cleans up Dave's weeks of mess, and enjoys a deep, uninterrupted slumber without the sound of a twanging guitar ruining it.

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Andy Kelly

If it’s set in space, Andy will probably write about it. He loves sci-fi, adventure games, taking screenshots, Twin Peaks, weird sims, Alien: Isolation, and anything with a good story.