Hunt: Showdown is free on Steam for the weekend

If you've got a completely reasonable desire to spend your weekend sneaking through a creepy swamp and getting ambushed by monsters, what stellar luck you have, because Hunt: Showdown is free until Monday. 

Crytek's FPS is a competitive bounty game with monsters. You've got a monster to hunt and a bounty to collect, which will probably lead to your death, but you've also got to worry about other hunters. In my experience, they're sneakier and deadlier than any of Hunt: Showdown's supernatural beasties. Not nearly as terrifying, mind. 

It's still in Early Access, but Crytek has been steadily updating it with new monsters, like this burning fella with anger issues, and a new map, though like a lot of Early Access multiplayer games, it's had a hard time keeping people around. It should be busier this weekend, though, so even if you've already got the game, the event's a good excuse to jump back in. 

Hunt: Showdown's free weekend will run on Steam until Monday at 6 pm BST/10 am PT. If it ends up tickling your fancy, it's also on sale for 20 percent off. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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