Human Fall Flat adds 8-person online multiplayer

I tinkered with No Brakes Games and Curve Digital's physics puzzler Human Fall Flat on my lonesome last year, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Now, you can do so alongside seven other players with the introduction of its new online multiplayer. 

Billed as a "hugely requested" feature by the game's community, the addition of an eight-player online multiplayer lets players create their own lobbies, and invite their friends to join the fun. 

If this is the first you're hearing of Human Fall Flat, let me point you to this excerpt from the listicle I wrote last July: 

Then again, there are the times where manipulating the seemingly dangerous parts of environment can work in your favour. You might use fire extinguishers to burst through windows in order to reach otherwise inaccessible switches; you might choose to reach a high platform by precariously crafting a makeshift tower made of debris, instead of using the elevator which was there the entire time that you didn’t spot; you might even decide that Bob himself makes for better catapult ammo than rocks—it’s all up to you. 

Heck, there might not be an appropriate reason to swing from [a] wrecking ball besides the fact you're fond of Miley Cyrus. Again, each to their own. Whatever makes you happy.

Speaking to the new update, Curve Digital's development director Darren Anderson says: "Human: Fall Flat has become a staple game for those looking to wobble around extremely fun worlds and have fun in physics based environments. Players have been requesting multiplayer more and more, and we’re elated to be able to make their dreams become a reality."

Human Fall Flat's online multiplayer update is live now. At full price, its costs £11.99/$14.99 on the Humble Store. At the moment, it's subject to a limited-time discount and costs £5.99/$7.49. 

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