WoW Shaping Fate: How to complete the new Korthia weekly quest

WoW Shaping Fate
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Wondering how to complete the Shaping Fate quest in WoW? The Shadowlands 9.1 update is here, and while the new raid doesn't open until next week, there's still plenty to keep us busy until then. So don't forget to work on your Renown if you want to start flying in Shadowlands right away. But as much as you might want to take to the skies, there's a whole new area to explore, too. 

After a short questline, we're introduced to Korthia, a new sub-zone in the Maw, with its own faction, vendors, and activities to complete. It also offers a new weekly quest, Shaping Fate, and you may be wondering what activities count towards its completion. So, here's what you need to know about the WoW Shaping Fate quest.

WoW Shaping Fate quest guide: How to complete it

You can pick up this weekly quest from Tal-Galan, the Keeper of Secrets at the quest hub in Korthia. If you can't see the quest, make sure you've completed the introductory quests for the zone, ending with 'In Need of Assistance', The one that asks you to finish three new dailies.

Once you've picked up Shaping Fate, you'll see a progress bar in your quest tracker. You can fill this by completing daily quests, killing rares, and looting chests in Korthia and the Maw. Maw-specific events, such as Tormentors of Torghast, also count towards your progress. Rares and daily quests from the original Maw areas also appear to contribute.

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Once you've filled the bar, you can hand it in to receive a 750 reputation with Death's Advance, a Death's Advance War Chest, 500 Anima, 10x Stygian Ember, and an Emblem of Renown. Just make sure you complete this quest and hand it in before the weekly reset, or you'll miss out.

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