How to install custom League of Legends skins

Too fashion-forward to allow your League of Legends champions to get caught wearing the same 'ol attire day after day? Start the new year with a fresh look! In this Protip, Josh demonstrates how to find and install custom League of Legends skins to make your champions the best-dressed little warriors on the block. Check out the introduction above, and watch Josh's complete instructions in the consecutive videos, as well as a rundown of the PC Gamer US office favorites...

Update: We contacted Riot Games to clarify their stance on using custom skins in League of Legends, and were informed that while there is language in League of Legend's EULA designed to stop players from hacking or botting the game that could technically be stretched to apply to using custom skins, Riot does not actively enforce against installing custom skins, and doubts that they will ever need to. They simply want to reserve the right for extreme circumstances. Additionally, individual developers at Riot have, on multiple occasions, expressed their admiration of the modding community and the work that they've done. So you can install these custom skins with confidence, and we'll make sure to keep you up-to-date if Riot's policy changes.

How to find League of Legends skins

How to install League of Legends skins

PC Gamer's favorite League of Legends skins