How to get Neural Sensors in Warframe

Warframe neural sensors farm
(Image credit: Digital Extremes)

If you’re looking to get a shiny new frame, you’ll likely need to create the Neuroptics component from a rare resource called Warframe Neural Sensors. Contained within bulbous grey growths pockmarked with yellow vents, Neural Sensors are a resource useful at any time during your progression, and can be farmed in multiple areas as you progress.

As with Neurodes, you might be tempted to spend Platinum on Neural Sensors, but I highly recommend you hold off on spending that special resource for more precious items you can’t get anywhere else. With just a little bit of effort, you can easily add Neural Sensor farming into your regular play. So, here's everything you need to know about Neural Sensors in Warframe, including where to find and farm it.

How to farm Warframe Neural Sensors

For newer players, you don’t need to look any further than Jupiter. Each node’s enemies have a chance to drop Neural Sensors, so you don’t even have to go out in search of resource deposits. Cameria is a great place to start: Since it’s a Dark Sector, the 20 percent boosted resource drop rate makes it worthwhile.

You can also check out Io on Jupiter. This Defense mission will pit you against the Corpus and while the Neural Sensors are less common, it’s a little more straightforward and you’ll also be picking up a lot of other great materials like Oxium and Relics. If you’re looking to knock out two Ospreys with just one stone, you won’t be disappointed by Io. Sinai is another option for Dark Sector Defense mission. 

Then we come to Themisto. Also on Jupiter, this mission is an Assassination targeting the Corpus board member Alad V. With his trusty pet and guardian Zanuka to do most of the heavy lifting, this boss will take some time to wrap your head around, but isn’t very hard once you’ve got a strategy down. Over the course of a Themisto run, don’t neglect containers and regular enemies, as you might as well make the most of the latent Neural Sensor drop rate. Alad V will go down quickly once you’ve got him cornered, so it’s not hard to keep Themisto runs fast. Since they’ll usually net you around 1-4 Neural Sensors per run, they’re a good foundation for anyone needing to build up their supply.  

(Image credit: Digital Extremes)

There’s also the Taveuni Survival mission on Kuva Fortress. This area is for slightly higher level players (30+), and is a pretty straightforward Survival mission against the Grineer. The strategy with Nekros and his Desecrate aura applies well here, so you can use all your practice to make farming even easier. 

Better still, while on this tileset, you can easily up your supply of Kuva at the same time—just make sure you convert the lLife Support Capsules you find into Kuva Harvesters for 200 Kuva units each. Keep in mind you’ll have to defend them as well. Warframes like Garuda, Harrow, and Nidus all require Kuva, so it’s worth going out of your way to pick up a few extra resources on the side during your Neural Sensors farming.

Outside of using them to create Neuroptics for new frames, Neural Sensors will let you acquire some really rad weapons as well. You can check out the Grineer quad-barreled heavy burst rifle Quartakk for a weapon that feels like a split between a shotgun and a rifle, or go for something more up close and personal like Mire, the twisted, infested longsword. Even if you aren’t looking to fill out your Warframe collection, there’s still plenty of cool items that require Neural Sensors. Once you have enough, check out what best suits your builds and personal style.