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Horizon: Zero Dawn for PC appears on Amazon

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PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn's PC port (opens in new tab) has appeared on Amazon France (opens in new tab), following rumours that it would be making the leap to the other platform. 

Spotted by ResetEra (opens in new tab), the listing is very sparse—it's just the name, publisher and platform. The absence of any details, screenshots or boxart suggests this is probably Amazon France hedging its bets, and Amazon listings aren't always accurate indicators of a game announcement. The evidence is mounting, however. 

Rumours about a PC port surfaced last year via YouTuber Anton Logvinov, indicating that it would be launching as early as this month. It was thin, but its existence was verified by Kotaku (opens in new tab), though it couldn't confirm a release date. 

With the end of the month only a couple of days away, a February launch seems unlikely, except for the fact that February 28 is Horizon: Zero Dawn's third anniversary. A surprise launch in a couple of days still seems like a stretch, but perhaps Guerilla and Sony will use the anniversary to announce it. 

Either way, we'll find out very soon. If it does appear, Horizon Zero Dawn will join a cluster of formerly exclusive games that are now coming to PC, includingDetroit: Become Human and, later this year, Death Stranding. Then there are also hints that The Last of Us Part 2 (opens in new tab) will be making its way over to PC. 

In the meantime, you can play loads of PS4 games on your PC via PS Now, including Horizon: Zero Dawn (opens in new tab)

Fraser Brown
Fraser Brown

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