Homefront PC port has dedicated servers

homefront thumb

Homefront, the oh-god-Korea-invaded-America shooter, has been confirmed for PC. While Kaos studios are hard at work on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, THQ have assigned Digital Extremes to the PC version. It's scheduled for release in "early 2011".

Digital Extremes are the Canadian developer behind Dark Sector, as well as lots of joint tech work on the Unreal games and on Bioshock 2. Having a dedicated studio for the PC version will hopefully make for a decent port. Frank De Lise, Digital Extremes' executive producer, had this to say:

“PC players will be able to set up and host Homefront dedicated servers and enjoy additional community features including clan support. We believe the core PC first-person-shooter fan will really appreciate these features, which are becoming increasingly rare.”

Homefront is set in a version of the United States occupied by the Greater Korean Republic. The malls and schools have fallen into military use, and as a member of the resistance, it's up to you to knock politely on their front door and ask if they wouldn't mind very much buggering off. By shooting them.

It also promises to showcase a "terrifyingly plausible" near future. In that... they all have arms and legs? Fast food chains have survived by selling burgers to tanks? You get killed in the first five seconds of a battle and can't respawn? Who can say?

It'll be demonstrated at Gamescom, where two of our agents are milling around strangling people willy nilly anyway . We'll let you know how it looks.