Hollow Knight's 'Hidden Dreams' update will release on August 3

Announced a while back, Hollow Knight fans have been eagerly anticipating the forthcoming Hidden Dreams update. Promised for some time this month, it'll actually come a tad later: on August 3 to be exact. 

"In classic Team Cherry style, this is a little later than we said, but we felt the update needed a little more testing and fine tuning before we send it out," the studio's announcement reads. "Plus, we may have managed to squeeze a few little unannounced surprises in there!"

As for what has been announced, Hidden Dreams will include two new bosses, both entirely optional as they're reportedly very hard to beat. There's two new music tracks too, as well as a Dream Gate upgrade which, as the name vaguely implies, will let you fast-travel throughout the map.

And then there's this. I haven't played the game yet so I've no idea what it means:

"A New Stag Station Uncovered - Hallownest’s stags once travelled the breadth of the kingdom, but with the departure of the King, one station was walled away, hidden from bugs and forgotten by stags, until now!"

In case you missed Tom's belated review of Hollow Knight, he really, really liked it.

Shaun Prescott

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