Hokko Life is entering Early Access next month

Wonderscape's Hokko Life, PC's answer to Animal Crossing, is entering Early Access next month.

The game had a moment in the spotlight right before Animal Crossing New Horizons' release last year, despite only having a trailer and the promise of an Early Access release sometime within the next year. It's got all the makings of Nintendo's own cosy social sim—a quaint town, your own home to decorate, and quirky animal residents for you to run errands for.

Hokko Life puts its own sprinkle of pizzazz in a few other aspects though. When last year's trailer dropped, one of the biggest draws was the level of customisation for furniture. Adding details like cushions to chairs and having control over the colours of different bits and bobs gives Hokko Life a hefty amount of customisation. Throw in diagonal furniture placement and you've got every interior designer salivating (me included).

The new trailer also introduces some things we hadn't seen before, like changing seasons and outdoor furniture placement. The art style looks slightly tweaked from the announcement trailer too, looking more refined and a reduction in what were previously comically large heads on the animal residents. The whole trailer is stuffed with the type of cosy, feel-good vibes I expect from this kind of game and should scratch that Animal Crossing itch for those with, and without, New Horizons.

Hokko Life is entering Steam's Early Access on June 2. Rachel interviewed creator Robert Tatnall last year to talk about the game's origins and what we can expect from the game in the future.

Mollie Taylor
Features Producer

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