Hitman, Limbo, Inside going cheap in Steam's 'Games From Denmark' sale

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Reading from this post's headline alone, Steam's 'Games From Denmark' sale discounts some pretty impressive games. Reading from the full list of special offers running now through Friday at 10am PST/6pm BST unearths even more gems worth your time. 

Because besides IO Interactive's Hitman Game of the Year Edition (opens in new tab) (£22.48/$31.30), and Playdead's Limbo (opens in new tab) (£1.39/$1.99) and Inside (opens in new tab) (£7.49/$9.99)—which we scored 84 (opens in new tab), 92 (opens in new tab) and 74 (opens in new tab) respectively at launch—the likes of Bedtime Digital Games' Figment (opens in new tab) (£8.99/$11.99), Gears for Breakfast's A Hat in Time (opens in new tab) (£16.09/$20.99), and House on Fire's The Silent Age (opens in new tab) (£0.69/$0.99) are all subjects of the sale. 

Likewise, Ultra Ultra's wonderful Echo (opens in new tab) is worth a gander at £12.72/$16.74, as is Carlson Games' 140 (opens in new tab) for £1.35/$1.69. If you fancy (re)discovering the Bald Butcher's murderous past, know that Hitman 2 (opens in new tab) and Absolution (opens in new tab) also have 75 percent discounts, coming in at £1.24/$1.74 and £3.74/$4.99. 

Check out Steam's Games From Denmark sale in full over here (opens in new tab)—which again runs now through Friday, April 27.