Hitman 3's next deadly sin is a prideful trip to Chongqing

Agent 47's descent into sinful debauchery continues this month, as Hitman 3 continues its seasonal tour through the 7 Deadly Sins with Pride.

Beginning with a greedy trip to Dubai earlier this year, the second season of sin takes us to Chongqing. 47's usual handler is nowhere to be seen, replaced by a sneering new fellow who's dolled up the chrome-domed Hitman in some properly flashy fashion. Seriously, this might be the most extravagant suit Agent 47's ever slipped into.

The new season brings in a new escalation mission, The Pride Profusion, and gifts 47 some expensive new toys. These include a swashbuckling pirate sword, and a sweeping sniper rifle so overdesigned you could've pulled it straight out of Destiny 2. You'd make a fine Guardian, 47.

The seven seasons of sin are set to continue throughout the year. Each lasts 4-6 weeks, and comes with its own themed escalation, suits and gadgets. An individual sin $4.99 / £4.99 individually, while a full catalogue of sin will set you back $29.99 / £29.99 as part of the Seven Deadly Sins Collection. 

Hitman 3 has been a resounding success for IO, selling 300% better than Hitman 2. The studio is now shifting its sights to an entirely new world of espionage with Project 007—though rumour has it there's a fantasy RPG in the works at IO.

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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