Hitman 3's launch trailer is a thrilling murder holiday

Hitman 3 is almost here—and to get you all fired up for another season of hitting men, IO Interactive have given the global assassination trilogy's final act a launch trailer to die for.

As is Hitman tradition, we get a jet-setting tour of all the locations we'll be sneaking, stabbing and (regrettably) shooting our way through. Andy Kelly has already sent us postcards from his killing spree in Dubai and Dartmoor, but today's trailer also gives us a deeper look at the Berlin night clubs, Chongqing streets, and sunny Argentinian vineyards that make up the rest of 47's holidays, before returning home to his shady birthplace in the Carpathian Mountains.

Granted, it doesn't accurately portray the way I play these games, which is to stumble blindly into a room packed with guards before getting shot to death in a closet. I suppose it doesn't play into Agent 47's Bond-like image if there's a slick cinematic of him getting blown up by his own explosive duck. 

As the final game in the "World Of Assassination" trilogy, Hitman 3 is also the last we'll see of 47 for a while. In the meantime, IO is shaking (not stirring) up its finest martini to try its hand at making a licensed James Bond game.

Hitman 3 launches this Thursday, January 20. Following a weekend of confusion, IO has confirmed that yes, Hitman 2 owners will get its levels free in Hitman 3. The whole trilogy is getting compressed into a tidy 100GB, and you can read all about how the devs managed to cut 80GB off the series here.

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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