Hitman 3 is getting lazy with the newest deadly sin DLC

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Agent 47 has been a naughty lad recently, diving into all sorts of greedy (opens in new tab) and prideful (opens in new tab) wrongdoings as part of Hitman 3's Seven Deadly Sins DLC. Now the third deadly sin is on the way, with the season of sloth dropping this week.

The Sloth Depletion contract will throw a much lazier Agent 47 into a grubby-looking Dartmoor. He's not much of a fan of the usual sneaking around this time, with every step and certain actions depleting a vitality meter. IO said in a livestream that there will be ways to replenish vitality, but killing targets with as little effort as possible seems to be the main objective here.

With the season of pride ending, Agent 47 will be trading in his incredibly flashy suit in favour of far grosser, goop-covered threads. Along with the lotophage suit, there's also a rusty slapdash SMG and a proximity mine in the shape of a snail.

The season of sloth is starting on June 15 at around 6 AM PT / 2 PM BST / 9 AM ET, and is expected to run for the next four to six weeks. The patch will bring some small tweaks and changes, too—though still no shoulder swap out of combat, unfortunately.

There are four more sins to come later this year, so we can still look forward to a horny Agent 47 when the season of lust drops. The Sloth Depletion will set you back $4.99 / £4.99, while the whole sin caboodle costs $29.99 / £29.99.

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