Hitman 2's incredible homing briefcase is coming back

(Image credit: IO Interactive)

Hitman 2's homing briefcase was the greatest weapon in Agent 47's arsenal, able to find its victims even when they were hiding around a corner. It wasn't the only item that developed miraculous homing properties thanks to a bug, but it was the one that captured our hearts. And now it's returning as a gadget in the Best Case Scenario challenge pack. 

The throwing speed has been tweaked for "maximum style", according to IO Interactive, so hopefully this means it will be as slow and graceful as we remember. This is the MKII model, though, so there's a sticker on it. Fancy! It also functions as a regular briefcase if you want to hide weapons and illegal items inside it. 

The homing briefcase scenario will be available from August 8, but before that you can play a new Escalation Contract in Miami where you can murder joggers with cans of Jester energy drink. The ultimate workout. The contract is out today. On August 2, you'll be able to take another crack at hunting down The Chameleon, earning you tactical gear and a hat. 

More new contracts and targets will appear throughout the month, including the return of The Identity Thief and featured contracts inspired by the theme of 'cosplay karma'. Expect a lot of dressing up. 

Check out the full August roadmap here.

Fraser Brown
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