Here's when XCOM 2 will unlock for you


We got a nice early review up for XCOM 2. That's usually a good thing—you know the game is worth your time before tempting first-week bonuses fly away with your cash. But when it gets a score of 94, well, that release date starts to feel awful far away. Tom is at home playing his pre-release copy right now. Tom is not popular today. Thankfully, the rest of us can soon be like Tom: 2K has released a handy graphic detailing when XCOM 2 will unlock in your time zone.

XCOM 2 Unlock

Oh my, that's today! Alas, an unfortunate consequence of living on a rotating ball means those of you on the US east coast won't get at your XCOM till midnight February 5, but what can't a little caffeine solve? Sit back, chill and plan your mods ahead of time.