Here's what the PC Gamer community is excited about this week

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This week in the PC Gamer forums, the community gives its impressions about Riot Games' upcoming hardcore FPS, some of the best building and management games available on PC, treasured titles that need a well-deserved remake, our favourite D&D monsters, and the best virtual vecichles that let you run wild.

Not seen the forums yet? Go have a look around. There are loads of threads about everything PC related from games, hardware, PC build guides, community competitions, and more. Right now, our most active discussions are about strategy games, RPGs, and shooters. 

Here's what's been happening in the forums this week:

What are your first impressions of Valorant?

Valorant, Riot Games' upcoming competitive free-to-play FPS, is due to release sometime in the Summer of 2020, so there's plenty of time for discussion about what we would like to see from the shooter. So far, we know that Valorant will have a battle pass and sell cosmetics, that Riot is on a crusade to eradicate 'peeker's advantage', and we've had a first look at the eight heroes in the roster. 

Over on the shooters forum, our community manager Stevie, sward, asked who was excited for Riot's new shooter. The comments so far have been a mix of hot and cold, with people questioning the game's free-to-play structure and the level of competitive gameplay. 

Meh. The looks alone are a turn-off for me. I don't like the weird mix of TF2 meets CS, meets Overwatch. To be fair, not just in regard to how the game looks, but also how the gameplay looks. I rather see multiplayer FPS that os trying a bit harder to make something fun and somewhat original. In a just world, we would get a good Titanfall 3 in the foreseeable future. ;-) - MeFirst

I'm super excited. I trust Riot to provide expertly designed, well-balanced tactics, and I think they can take that expertise to any genre. I'll be honest, the game doesn't necessarily look great, but that's the price you pay for accessibility. Can't wait to squad up for it in the next couple of months. - JSimenhoff

Here's a link to the thread. 


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Your Favourite Building / Management Games

McStabStab asked the PCG Forums what everyone's favourite building management games are. We have our very own list of the best management games, so it's interesting seeing the comparison. Anno 1800, Dwarf Fortress, and Factorio are the three main time sinks from both our list and the thread, with user MaddMann having spent nearly 400 hours in Factorio—flippin' heck.

I currently have just shy of 400 hours in Factorio. It may be one of the most addicting games I have ever played. It really has the, just one more thing, type mentality to it. It also happens to be my favorite game to play co-op. Between creating insanely intricate factories that produce a huge number of products, building logistics systems to transport said products, all while trying to defend from what can best be described as zerg rushers, there is a lot to do. - MaddMann

Personally, I really like Minecraft with the FTB Infinity Evolved mod pack. There's some massive mods out there that allow you to automate pretty much everything while adding a ton of new content and items to craft. - Pifanjr

Here's the thread.

Games we would love to see remastered and/or enhanced 

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OsaX Nymloth started a discussion about what games deserve a remake or remaster. With new technologies like ray-tracing making everything look spectacular some games are just asking for a re-release. Mirror's Edge 2, Mafia 2, and the Silent Hill games are just a few of the titles being thrown around in the thread. If you know of any treasured games need a re-release then drop them into the thread.

I wanted to play Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns after couple of years and.... yeah hardcoded 1024x768 resolution made me cry a little. Replaying Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul made me wish for few Quality of Life improvements as well. There are some games that are troublesome to run even with GOG around. Shogo for example suffers a lot and I would love to see it "remastered". - OsaX Nymloth 

Not a very well known game, as far as I know anyways, but Dark Side of the Moon (Southpeak Interactive 1998) would be incredible to be remade into a First Person Shooter, while keeping all the original sound effects, voice acting, storyline and plot intact. The player could then explore the base however he or she wishes. There's plenty of atmosphere and immersion that goes along with this game. - Volley

Check out the thread.

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Your Favorite D&D Monsters

With the announcement of Baldur's Gate 3 last week, Chris' midweek question asked what's your favourite D&D monster? There were some really detailed answers for this one, like the sharp-toothed Executioner's Hood, the sneaker Piercer, and the deadly Purple Worm. Reading all the descriptions of the creepy creatures makes me want to flick through the Monster Manual again sometime soon. 

Well, *cough* that has to be the Air Elemental that I got a critical failure summoning. I was in a full party and we were going around in a cramped labyrinth looking for an entrance that would contain a room with a chest we had a quest finding. Supposedly it was going to be guarded by two gargoyles and we knew we would be in for a fight.

Just as we found the entrance I decided to roleplay one of my bad quirks which were being too impulsive. Soooo, I got that critical failure I mentioned, the air elemental turned against the group and we ended up running like a bunch of headless chicken out of the labyrinth. Even the GM shook his head and we ended up not getting any chest. I was quite popular that day.  - Frindis

Here's the thread.

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Community Contributors: Thread Showcase 

Our community managers have been keeping an eye on all the interesting threads that users have started and have created the Community Contributors Thread Showcase to highlight the best threads and the users who created them. Matt Knott has put them all in one neat post for everyone to have a browse. A big thanks to everyone who contributed to the forum!

Beautiful Game Appreciation - @erdelf
A great thread to share your prettiest screenshots and those perfectly crafted gaming moments that wow you every time you see them. Also, a great reminder that beautiful isn’t just about graphical fidelity and tech - the style and artistic decisions that drive a games development are what really make them beautiful. Be sure to jump in and share. -
Matt Knott

Gaming moments that gave you the tingles - @Kaamos_Llama
I’ve played over 800 hours of Final Fantasy XIV, but there are five seconds in the latest expansion, Shadowbringers, that I keep on going back to. It’s a mixture of music and moment that blew my soul out the back of my skull. Even typing this is giving me the “hell yeahs”. That’s what this thread is all about, sharing the moments that stick with you forever and get you pumped on memory alone. -
Matt Knott

Here's the announcement post.

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The Weekend Question: What is your favourite vehicle in a video game?

Jody's weekend question asks what your favorite videogame vehicle is. Is it GTA's smooth sports cars? Maybe you're more of a jet setter? Let us know your favourite virtual mode of transportation and your answer could be showcased on the website. 

The Halo Warthog. It's so satisfying and simple to drive, and it's a great vehicle for coop play when you and your buddy occupy the turret and driver's seat. Honorable mention: all of the ill-advised rockets I've ever created in Kerbal Space Program.  - Zoid

The Mako of course! Kidding, it's probably the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9, I tend to gravitate towards that car for its handling in every racing game that features it. - Chriz86

Here's a link to the thread.

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