Here's the first gameplay for Superbrothers' ultra pacifist space sim Jett: The Far Shore

Superbrothers A/V, the indie outfit that made Sword and Sworcery way back in 2011, turned heads last year when it unveiled its next game, Jett: The Far Shore. That reveal trailer didn't say much beyond "space" and "chill vibes," but that has been corrected a year later with an in-depth gameplay trailer shown during Sony's State of Play livestream today.

Co-developed by Superbrothers A/V and Pine Scented, Jett is an exploration action game that centers around your hovering spacecraft (called a 'jett'). You'll spend your day charting an unexplored "mythic ocean planet" to trace something called the  "hymnwave signal" and avoid the planet's less friendly creatures.

Avoiding is the right way to put it, because Superbrothers explains that you won't be fighting back against nature. Instead of rockets and guns, you'll wield scanners and probes, using stealth and speed to stay out of the planet's crosshairs.

A "laid-back exploration" game where you occasionally have to outpace a monster? That sounds incredible. Superbrothers seems to be aware that the tone and look evoke No Man's Sky, so it's making it very clear that Jett isn't a survival sim with resource gathering. It's apparently a singleplayer game with an open world and story that you can discover at your own pace. That said, you'll spend time scanning strange plants and getting out of your ship for first-person sequences, so maybe it's not a bad comparison after all.

Jett: The Far Shore is coming sometime in Winter 2021 to the Epic Games Store and PS5.

Morgan Park
Staff Writer

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