Here's some footage of System Shock: Remastered Edition in action

System Shock

When Night Dive Studios announced its System Shock remake last year, there was a frustrating lack of footage. Sure, there was a solitary screenshot of a fairly unremarkable environment, but otherwise we were left to imagine the Unity-based remake for ourselves.

That's changed, as the above video proves. Now you can feast your eyes on a solid two minutes of in-game footage, and it's surprisingly satisfying: the environments look a lot better in motion than static, and smashing robots looks a lot more fun in 2016 than it did back in 1994. Or maybe it's because I have more reasons to dislike robots nowadays.

The remake, which Night Dive Studios promises will stay true to the original, will update the game's user interface in addition to the graphics. No release date has been announced as yet.

Shaun Prescott

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