Here's one last Destiny 2 trailer before The Witch Queen launches

Destiny 2's The Witch Queen expansion is less than an hour away from launch, so here's one final trailer to tide you over until it unlocks. And then, for the few hours after, as you're inevitably stuck waiting in a server queue.

This trailer is focused less on The Witch Queen itself, and more on its accompanying seasonal storyline. In Season of the Risen, which runs from today until May 24, Guardians will team up with our former enemies the Cabal in order to stop Savathûn’s Light-wielding Hive from invading the system.

That means we get to pal around with Psions—and even wear their capes—as we track down elite members of the Lucent Hive in a series of new Battlegrounds.

In a press release, Bungie also reveals this season's Exotic quest: "Investigate Psionic anti-Caiatl propaganda emanating from a bunker on Mars and unlock the Exotic Grenade Launcher, Dead Messenger. This wave frame breech Grenade Launcher generates a fan of three waves of impact and can rotate elemental damage types on reload, similar to other Exotics like Hard Light and Borealis."

Two thoughts: 1) "Psionic anti-Caiatl propaganda" is a hell of a phrase. 2) That's an interesting Exotic! Wave-frame GLs send a wave of flames from their point-of-impact. It's a fun add-clear tool, but there are very few of them in the game right now—the only one that isn't sunset is Deafening Whisper, which won't be easily farmable (if it's even available) now that Season of the Hunt has been removed.

The big question for Season of the Risen is: will it be enough? Historically the season that launches alongside an expansion is very slim in terms of content. This year, though, Bungie made some noises about wanting the launch season to deliver. Not long now until we get to find out.

Phil Savage

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