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Here's an insanely long motherboard with 8 PCIe x16 slots

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We have seen some funky looking motherboards before, but never one quite like Colorful's new C.B250A-BTC Plus V20 (opens in new tab), an elongated slab for cryptocurrency miners.

Forget about the E-ATX form factor, or any existing form factor, for that matter. Colorful eschewed every standard that is out there for motherboards and focused solely on having enough room for eight graphics cards. The end result is a motherboard that measures 485 mm in length and is 195mm wide.

Obviously this is not a board that is intended to fit inside a standard ATX case. Custom open-air setups are the target here, as many miners who use a bunch of graphics cards often build their PCs around an open design with a room fan blasting cool air over the GPUs and other components.

Colorful's motherboard is fairly bare bones—it has an LGA 1151 socket, a single DDR4 SO-DIMM slot, a couple of USB ports, a single GbE LAN port, HDMI output, mSATA and SATA 6Gbps ports (one each), and a 4+4 pin ATX power connector. The board lacks a 24-pin power connector.

The company did not say how much this board will cost or when it will be available.

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