New trailer for Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One shows a younger, cooler detective

Revealed as part of today's IGN Expo stream, this stylish, atmospheric trailer gives us a taste of the next Sherlock game, titled simply Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. This is the next game from Frogwares, whose earlier Sherlock game, Crimes & Punishments, I count among the best detective games on PC. 

Frogwares has been making Sherlock games for years, and while they're ultimately pretty hit and miss, when they're good they're great. Here's hoping this new one is another hit for the developer.

This game is a bit different. It's set entirely on a picturesque Mediterranean island and stars a younger, cockier Sherlock. Frogwares seems to be iterating on the open world structure of its Lovecraftian take on the genre, The Sinking City

I'm a little wary, because when the developer tried to make Sherlock cooler and hotter in The Devil's Daughter, it didn't really work out. But from what I've seen of this, the first of an unspecific number of chapters, it looks a lot more promising.

With killer games like Disco Elysium, Murder By Numbers, Paradise Killer, and Overboard, the murder mystery is having something of a renaissance on PC. So there's never been a better time for Frogwares to show everyone else how it's done. I'll be getting my hands on an early build of the game next week, and will have some deeper impressions then. 

Andy Kelly

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