Here's a new Surgeon Simulator 2 gameplay trailer, it has great music

(Image credit: Bossa Studios)

Surgeon Simulator 2 will come slashing onto PC this week, August 27th, bringing another round of comedic, stabby surgery to life. Bossa Studios has a new gameplay trailer to go with it featuring a four-person cooperative heart surgery. The trailer also has great music that I like very much. I believe this is what is called a bop. Thanks, please give me an entire soundtrack of it sooner rather than later.

In the trailer a crew of intrepid surgeons attempt to replace a faulty heart. They do the usual Surgeon Simulator stuff, like removing organs by stabbing them and smashing ribs with a hammer, but the game's much more dynamic environments are on display. Surgeons have to run from room to room to retrieve replacement organs, painkillers, and top-ups of blood for the patient. At one point they even need a replacement head, which they've got to grab by first triggering a machine, then figuring out where the machine's conveyor belt has taken the new head.

More than just a game this time around, Surgeon Simulator 2 includes a suite of fancy creation tools intended to let players  make their own wild puzzles and surgeries. They're supposedly quite powerful, with Bossa Studios saying it could be used to make other games entirely and then following up with a bonkers trailer about why that is.

You can learn more on the official Surgeon Simulator 2 website, or buy it on the Epic Store

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