Surgeon Simulator 2 trailer includes body part vending machines

Surgeon Simulator developers Bossa Studios have a nice new trailer about recently revealed Surgeon Simulator 2, a gameplay overview showing off the new features in greater detail. There's also a bit in the end about the brand-new creation tools, which Bossa says can be used to make your own Surgeon Simulator 2 levels or, hell, other games entirely. Like bowling. Everyone loves bowling.*

The trailer highlights the game's new mid-century aesthetic, characters, and four-player co-op mode through extensive floppy-armed shenanigans. It also shows the new mechanics for keeping patients topped up on blood, and for body part vending machines. Does the patient need a new leg? Well, you just go get one from the leg dispenser. Obviously. 

Our Andy Kelly got his hands on Surgeon Simulator 2 ahead of the PC Gaming Show a few weeks ago and seemed quite enamored of it. "Surgeon Simulator 2 is more than just another game about a silly, bendy arm causing havoc in an operating theatre," he said. "It's something else entirely, cleverly branching out into other genres while retaining the gross, medically dubious physics comedy you'd expect from the series." You can read more of that Surgeon Simulator 2 preview here.

Surgeon Simulator 2 is due to release in August 2020 on the Epic Store.

*everyone does not love bowling.

Jon Bolding is a games writer and critic with an extensive background in strategy games. When he's not on his PC, he can be found playing every tabletop game under the sun.