Meta is creating a Quest VR headset in the style of an Xbox, which probably means it's black with a bit of green

A meta mock-up of what the Xbox styled Meta Quest headset could look like.
(Image credit: Meta)

Ready yourselves for a special edition of the Meta Quest 3. The theme? Xbox. The point? It comes with Xbox controllers and Game Pass in the box.

Meta has announced that it will be opening up the OS included with the Meta Quest 3 to other hardware manufacturers, including Lenovo and Asus. The latter is supposedly creating a dedicated gaming headset with all the ROG trimmings, too. But not to be left out, Microsoft reportedly has teamed up with Meta for its own headset, an Xbox themed Meta Quest.

"Xbox and Meta teamed up last year to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) to Meta Quest, letting people play Xbox games on a large 2D virtual screen in mixed reality. Now, we’re working together again to create a limited-edition Meta Quest, inspired by Xbox," Meta says.

Assumedly that's the Meta Quest 3 receiving the console-themed makeover, as that's Meta's main VR headset right now, and unlike the other two it doesn't sound like Microsoft will be designing the headset from scratch. Rather, it's suggested we're looking at a Quest 3, and a render suggests something along the lines of a black colourway, with a splash of green for the face cushion.

The render provided is "Not an actual product render," so it might look entirely different. If it is mostly black, it may end up looking a lot like every other headset. The Xbox Series X is a black box with a bit of green on it, so the theme would hardly be surprising, and given the excitement over the Xbox-styled mini fridge I'd guess some fans will be pretty keen on this one, too. Whatever it ends up looking like.

The Meta Quest headset will be limited edition, and that could mean anything from a couple headsets to a tens of thousands of headsets. It's tough to say. All we know is, Zuckerberg suggests it'll come with an Xbox controller and a Game Pass code in the box, which will pair nicely with the recent Xbox Cloud Gaming beta application on the headset.


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